Thank you for stumbling onto United Body! I am glad you have taken the time to come here. Read through this post first to get a sense of what I am trying to do here.

First things first, I am a Roman Catholic and I love Jesus Christ and his Church. I think it’s important to state this outright as this is ultimately the driving force for what I am trying to accomplish here and what my motivations are. I am one of 12 children and I am currently married and we have one small daughter that the Lord has blessed us with. I am honored to work in a Catholic parish as a Business Manager, responsible for the day to day finances, staff, property and more. Prior to all this, I worked at ExxonMobil/Imperial Oil as a chemical engineering graduate. I had mostly in process design and project management. I made the jump to church administration only recently and I love it.

One reoccurring theme that I anticipate will trickle in my blog is unity and the interior life. For a long time, this thought of unity has been a nagging one in my mind. I believe that Catholic unity driven by a renewal in the interior life is now required in order to combat the evils of our time. I can only begin to explain why this is so important, and I am sure I will bring my thoughts out on this the  more as I proceed. The ultimate desire for this unity is driven by the current disunity. I sense that we are at a point in time where we have never been more individualized and isolated than any other point in history. What I am referring to is not so much the physical isolation, for in this time we have at our disposal so much technology that brings us together, but rather spiritual isolation. Why would this spiritual isolation and disunity among Catholics be an issue? I would say the answer to that is pretty obvious if you look outside or when you read the latest headlines: laws  that harm the unborn and the infirm are enacted, the education system is enforcing its political ideologies on our children by passing laws that strip parents of their dutiful responsibility of raising holy and responsible children, post-modernism, relativism, and the list goes on.

I make the claim that most of the evil that has been indoctrinated overtime and the lack of unity is solely due weak a faith in Jesus Christ and a poor understanding of the interior life by the clergy and laity. These are absolutely necessary in order to fight and resist the challenges in the world today. Without a strong interior life, which unites our wills with Gods, our attempts will be futile. Without the interior life, there is spiritual death. It is the driving force for unity among the United Body.

The Catholic Church is the true Church established by Christ with St. Peter being it’s first pope. We have been given the truth that is not possessed by any other religion and it is our duty to safeguard that truth and to proclaim it against those who would stand against it. While there are some attempts in very specific areas where the fight is very strong, such as in the pro-life movement, there is a number of different areas in society that are constantly being attacked relentlessly and without any resistance.

I want to make one point clear. I believe greatly that there are many Catholics who are of the same mindset, who see the evils plaguing this world and are rightly upset by it. I am not making the claim that for some reason, I alone see it. I am trying to highlight that we have individuals who I know are against a certain system in society, but are being overwhelmed by their individuality and isolation and feel utterly helpless in trying to stand up and defend against these modern evils. You are not alone, for I have felt the same way for a long time. I genuinely believe that the only cure for the evils of the world is for good, holy men and women to be champions of the interior life and united under the common banner of the Catholic Church to proclaim with one voice the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Only then can we make our enemy quiver and reclaim what was lost.

That’s it for now! I don’t think I have a made a dent in my thoughts and I will expand on this and other ideas that pop into my mind on this blog. While the high level goal of this site is on unity through a renewal in the interior life, I cannot but help to write about things that I find interesting. Since the focus of this site is aimed at unity and the interior life, I will make sure to keep a constant stream of blogs around that topic. This blog acts as my own journal so I will often write here what I find challenging to express in words.

God bless you all and let us work towards a United Body!