I think one can get a little dizzy thinking about how we ended up here as a society. I am not really focusing so much on where we reached in terms of technological advancements but on how things have degraded so much within the interior of society. Let me expand on this a little further. I will do this post merely as a list for simplicity:

  1. Lack of understanding, teaching and focus on the interior life
  2. Fatherless homes on the rise globally
  3. Approximately 40-50 million abortions take place every year
  4. Bill C-16 in Canada and gender ideology
  5. Poor preaching in the Catholic church, with lack of emphasis on the basics including heaven, hell, judgement, sin, etc.
  6. Reduction of religion as merely one of many personal choices, with no care of truth
  7. The disappearance of real men
  8. Relativism
  9. The culture of comfort
  10. The culture of emotions
  11. Governments only existing to serve themselves or something worse
  12. The rise of individualization in the west
  13. The distractions of technology, especially TV
  14. Overreaching control of media by those opposing Catholic views and their attempts at mass manipulation
  15. Science as a tool to undermine religion
  16. Overwhelming number of lukewarm Catholics
  17. Islam eliminating Christians in Iraq and other areas of the world
  18. Fairly poor leadership and structure within the Catholic church
  19. Lack of fresh blood in church administration and ministry
  20. Lack of spiritual directors to guide the faithful
  21. Sin, especially pride and lust
  22. The small number of individuals who have critical thinking skills
  23. Post-modernism
  24. The pill
  25. Manipulation of historical truths to fit a false narrative and mislead the masses
  26. Medical practitioners forced to perform unethical services such as euthanasia at the expense of their careers
  27. Government overreaching influence on children within schools
  28. The attack on the traditional family unit
  29. Poor spiritual and catechitical formation of laity and clergy
  30. Attack on traditional marriage and family


That’s probably enough for now but as you can see we clearly have some work ahead of us. I will try to address some, if not all, of these items in future posts but I want to conclude with this passage which I think is all the hope we need:

Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26