I had a really good discussion recently with a few close comrades on what we expected the world to be in 2030. There was a lot of good points being made but one that stood out was around the current feud between left and right politics in Western Civilization.

If you keep up to date on issues in the United States, most of you may be aware of recent attempts of removing/destroying various statues of prominent historical figures such as the Jefferson Davis Statue in New Orleans(Jefferson Davis Statue Removed in New Orleans) and the beheading of a St. Junipero Serra statue in California (St. Junipero Serra Beheaded). Far-left politics has now gotten to a point where anything that is deemed intolerable, such as Jefferson’s use of slaves, does not deserve to be on public display in any shape or form. History must be re-written! Sounds a lot like post-modernistic dribble to me…more on that later. The far-right is not innocent either and unfortunately a few take matters to grim extremes, like in the case where a young man plowed a group of protesters and killed one young lady unfortunately (Charlottesville Protest). To be very clear: I am very much in support for people to express their views in a civil, non-hostile manner. As a Canadian it is one thing that I love about the US and having spent two years in Houston I really came to love the freedoms Americans have vs the illusion of freedom that we have in Canada (Pro-Lifer Arrested). That being said, all things must be done out of obedience and in accordance to the law, which we as citizens must respect. If the law is wrong in certain areas *cough* abortion *cough* we as good Catholic men and women must fight by just means to reverse such decisions, but I digress.

As we went back and forth on this increasing feud between left and right, we stopped to wonder: Where do we as Catholic’s fit into all this? I imagine that most folks fall somewhere with this bound: some on either side of the extremes, perhaps some in the middle, but always somewhere in between the bounds of left and right politics that we know of today. Where else would you be? This is the only system that is really in place right now in the supposed free world. I think this is always a good time to look deep inside ourselves and discuss why we have accepted this system as it is and question whether this is truly the best system. I want to pause and talk about one example and that is the history of the engagement ring (History of Engagement Rings). In short, what has happened within the last century was the main player, DeBeers, effectively controlled most of the diamond supply in the world and in order to control and keep demand up, they began a very heavy ad campaign on how diamonds were necessary as an engagement stone, how diamonds last forever. Fast forward decades after and we now have a system in place that has manipulated people to believe the only proper engagement ring that can be given is diamond studded and worth a whooping 3 months salary. We were duped! Going back now to the left vs right politics discussion, could it be that we were duped here as well? A man made structure known as democracy was invented to effectively distribute the power of one man (the king) to a few other folks whose real intent was nothing more than to have power themselves. Lets ask ourselves the same question: Where do we as Catholic’s fit into all this? My simple answer is that it is not about left vs right anymore, that is a distraction the enemy has put into our place to confuse us. It boils down to good vs evil – simple. How can we define and setup a system that is governed by such a simple comparison? We likely need the Lord’s assistance in that area but I feel it is where we need to head.

That’s all for today. God bless everyone and keep on striving for holiness! It is the only remedy to this evil around us. Pray with all your hearts to the Lord. Pray the rosary and may His Blessed Mother aid us by her intercession in this uncertain time.