Why is it so hard to pin down the cause of such confusion and misery? Although we know that all this has been done by the enemy, the question remains: to what extent has he been trying to fool us all? My concern is such: the extent of this disease has reached every aspect of society from education, government, families, media and even within the Church. Therefore, if the extent of the disease is assumed to be within all aspects of society, how is one ever to know what disease free looks or feels like? If one is always diseased, raised in a world that is diseased, brought up by parents who are diseased, how can one pierce through that to see what is not diseased? My gut feeling is that this ability to see, or even have a glimpse of this disease is only accomplished by grace. The disease itself comes solely through sin, the greatest disease known to man, but while we know sin is the end, what is the means by which this is disease is able to spread? It spreads from one individual to the next, a lie or deception is passed on to individuals, and before you know it, that lie is what the world calls truth.  He is a liar, and the father of lies.

Is this unique to our time? Hasn’t the enemy been trying to thwart our efforts from the beginning? He has, of course, but to say whether our time is unique for some reason in point in history needs to be examined. In some ways it does seem like the attacks are being refined more and more. In some ways, perhaps early on, his efforts were obvious and accomplished by the heretics of old. Hersey has always been around, right after the time of Christ’s ascension. It does seem, however, the the saints of old were able to beat down heresy eventually. Some heresies did more damage that others, but ultimately, they were able to be taken down by holy men and women by the power of Christ working through them. Perhaps seeing the futility of such an endeavor, the enemy has switched his tactics to a more subtle manipulation. If he could manipulate people, without the individual or society knowing, he would be able to do the greatest amount of damage. As a result of this, I believe we are at the peak of his subtle manipulation in our time. From all across the world, across many centuries, the mounting subtle manipulation has been ever increasing, resulting in what I see as this mass disease. A disease which seems incurable, which seems to have no distinct head to chop off (for there are many), and worst of all, which is unnoticeable to 99% of the world. Quite the effective strategy employed in order for him to destroy the Church of Christ (a thing he will never be able to do). Nevertheless, though he may not be able to bring down the Church, his goal is to bring down as many of us to hell with him.

I believe the situation is dire enough to say that the only remedy now is divine intervention at a grand scale. Each of us, with our particular gifts could slow down and potentially thwart some areas of his attacks, but I don’t know, it seems like this is a battle where God will need to assist us in a way that is unknown to us. It may require the collaboration of holy men and women across the world, working together with a unified goal to win back the world from the devil. The world is not our prize, of course, but our salvation and the salvation of others.

I am not sure if this is what is required, whether this is what divine providence wants, but the outcome is either He uses holy men and women as His instruments to remedy this issue, or He Himself will have to do something on a scale that He is only able to do.

Again, I often wonder if there really is anything unique to our time. I heard a good analogy of how our time is similar to those when the flood occurred back in the days of Noah. An impending doom was coming, yet the people of the world did not see the great calamity that was awaiting them. They were steeped in evil and sin. Perhaps the enemy had worked his influence there in a way that is similar to our own time. That should not make anyone rest easy, as the world was destroyed by a flood!

At any rate, we have to be vigilant and constantly grow in holiness. It seems confusing, it seems unclear, the way seems obscure, but that only means we have to have a greater reliance on Christ. With humility and constant reliance on Him, we will continue to grow in grace, in virtue, and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Keep your eyes fixed on the prize, and perhaps the veil of this disease will be removed from your eyes.

Blessed Mother, please pray for us as we journey through this valley of death!