United Body

To Develop a Renewal for the Entire Body of Christ


United Body is an attempt to unite Catholics for a common cause – to work together to fight the societal challenges in our world today. The key tactic for this is the renewal of the interior life within the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is under attack and has been since the beginning. The focus here is to attempt to develop a united Catholic cause in an effort to undo some of the damage that has taken place in society. Areas such as law, government, education, art, media, etc. has more or less been negatively influenced by a very relativistic, post-modernistic world. Only individuals who are actively working on their interior life and working towards perfection will be able to make a change in this world.

Take a read through my first post to get a sense of what I am trying to accomplish here:

On United Body

Let us work together to undo this damage for the glory of Jesus Christ!